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See pkg_refs for more about supported package references.


parse_pkg_refs(refs, remote_types = NULL, ...)

parse_pkg_ref(ref, remote_types = NULL, ...)



Character vector of references.


Custom remote types can be added here, this is for advanced use, and experimental currently.


Additional arguments are passed to the individual parser functions.


A package reference, like refs, but a length one vector, for convenience.


parse_pkg_refs() returns a list of parsed references. parse_pkg_ref() returns one parsed reference. A parsed reference is a list, with at least elements:

  • ref: The original reference string.

  • type: The reference type.

  • package: The package name. It typically contains additional data, specific to the various reference types. See pkg_refs for details. The parsed reference always has class remote_ref_<type> and remote_ref.