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Query data of all packages in a package library.


lib_status(library = .libPaths()[1], packages = NULL)



Path to library.


If not NULL, then only these packages are shown.


Data frame that contains data about the packages installed in the library.

It has always has columns:

  • biocviews: the corresponding field from DESCRIPTION, it must be present for all Bioconductor packages, other packages typically don't have it.

  • built: the Built field from DESCRIPTION.

  • depends, suggests, Imports, linkingto, enhances: the corresponding fields from the DESCRIPTION files.

  • deps: A list or data frames, the dependencies of the package. It has columns: ref, type (dependency type in lowercase), package (dependent package, or R), op and version, for last two are for version requirement. op can be >=, >, == or <=, although the only the first one is common in practice.

  • library: path to the package library containing the package.

  • license: from DESCRIPTION.

  • md5sum: from DESCTIPTION, typically NA, except on Windows.

  • needscompilation: from DESCRIPTION, this column is logical.

  • package: package name.

  • platform: from the Built field in DESCRIPTION, the current platform if missing from DESCRIPTION.

  • priority: from DESCRIPTION, usually base, recommended, or missing.

  • ref: the corresponding installed::* package reference.

  • repository: from DESCRIPTION. For packages from a CRAN repository this is CRAN, some other repositories, e.g. R-universe adds the repository URL here.

  • repotype: cran, bioc or missing.

  • rversion: from the Built field. If no such field, then the current R version.

  • sysreqs: the SystemRequirements field from DESCRIPTION.

  • title: package title.

  • type: always installed.

  • version: package version (as string).

Most of these columns are unchanged from DESCRIPTION, but pkgdepends also adds a couple.


  • In addition, it also has all remote* and config/needs/* entries from the DESCRIPTION files. (Case insensitive.)

  • All columns are of type character, except for needscompilation, which is logical and deps, which is a list columns.

  • If an entry is missing for a package, it is set to NA.

  • Note that column names are lowercase, even if the corresponding entries are not in DESCRIPTION.

  • The order of the columns is not deterministic, so don't assume any order.

  • Additional columns might be present, these are internal for pkgdepends and should not be used in user code.